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Triple Certification - Quality, Safety & Environment

The HSEQ team at Hofmann Engineering is proud to anounce Triple Certification across all our workshops.


HSEQ Business Policy

Hofmann Engineering's HSEQ Business Policy can be viewed here - English | Spanish


Hofmann Engineering is all about "Increasing life cycle by overhauling and improving components".


Health and Safety

Hofmann’s Directors and its Management are committed to ensuring the health and safety of the people working with the company. This includes our contractors, business partners, consultants and other stakeholders which our operation impacts.

Our new management system is independently certified to ISO 45001, and plays an important part in the identification of hazards, development of controls and communication of these to all affected interested parties.

Hofmann values consultation with regards to Health and Safety matters, through regular safety meetings, safety interactions and task based observations. These all form an integral part of the Integrated Management System (IMS) and are instrumental in its success. Safety programs include training for all workers, special training for those involved in Internal Response Teams, recognition programs for safety achievement and many initiatives that keep our workforce focused on a continual safety improvement.

Inevitably, it is all the people working within the Hofmann family that are making the difference in safety.



Hofmann is committed to protecting the natural environment, in which we operate, minimising the negative impacts from the work we undertake.

Environmental management is integrated into all aspects of the Hofmann Operation. Activities are conducted in accordance with applicable legislation, approval conditions, commitments and the Integrated Management System (IMS) ensuring compliance is maintained and monitored throughout the Hofmann Business.

The system is independently certified to ISO 14001 towards achievement of sustainable development and for continual improvement. All elements of our IMS include environmental focus.


Our Communities

Hofmann Engineering is committed to building strong, respectful relationships with all stakeholders, and communities around Hofmann’s Operational Business’s to ensure economic success and a good long relationship that will benefit all parties.

Hofmann accepts it has a social responsibility to work with all stakeholders in the community, which may be impacted by its operations and will continue to communicate with the local residents.

Hofmann recognises the significant and lasting socio-economic benefits our presence in the community can bring.

Hofmann seek to engage with local suppliers, contractors and actively participate in regional business groups and chambers of commerce. In addition to providing local employment opportunities, Hofmann is focused on making a difference through partnerships, sponsorships and donations. We implement a range of strategies focusing on social responsibility, cultural heritage management and stakeholder engagement.