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Heat treatment and correct material selection play vital roles in the successful production and service life of any mechanical component. Hofmann Engineering are leaders in both and, backed by ISO 9001 and AS 9100 Quality Assurance, we have the capacity to meet or exceed all relevant international standards.

We are committed to provide industry with the latest technology in specialised heat treatment facilities which include micro processor control systems. Theses resources are the key to consistent quality and high performance.


Hofmann Engineering’s mobile alloy analyser uses a Non Destructive Testing method to identify material grades on the spot, & at any location!

Hofmann’s Spectroanalyser can analyse & identify the following  material groups:
• Low alloy steels
• Tool steel
• Stainless steel
• Aluminium alloys
• Copper alloys
• Nickel alloys

For Industries Including:
• Engineering manufacturing
• Refineries
• Aviation
• Steel stock yards
• Inspection


Hofmann Engineering has ISO 9712 (Level 2 & 3) certified & qualified NDT technicians performing routine internal NDT inspection on items during manufacture or on items that are being stripped & assessed. Our Internal NDT methods we provide are MT (Magnetic Particle Inspection), PT (Penetrant Inspection) & UT (Ultrasonic Inspection).