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Hofmann Engineering is committed to the highest quality and has a focus on pushing the boundaries of existing technology.

Quality can only be achieved if it can be measured accurately. On-site, in situ metrology methods are a cost effective and efficient option to measure wear, problem solve and measure up for a new replacement part. 

Hofmann Engineering have invested in a variety of equipment including Portable Coordinate Measuring Machines (PCMMs), laser scanners and laser trackers.

The PCMMs achieve an accuracy of 20µm (0.001”) and run a number of different software applications for general inspection and a unique gear inspection software. 

The laser scanner attaches to the head of the PCMMs and produces a laser scanned point cloud from which a model can be created.

The laser trackers have a 320m radial measuring envelope producing micron accuracy on large parts such as mill heads, gearbox casing and slew gears. 

With such a range of metrology equipment, Hofmann Engineering has an accurate metrology solution for each situation.