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Hofmann Engineering Pty. Ltd.

Since 1969 Hofmann Engineering has provided specialist engineering services to Australia's industry leaders. Quality Assurance accreditation by Lloyds (LRQA) complements our total quality culture. Our commitment to continuous quality improvement touches every aspect of our products, services, and customer support.

Hofmann Engineering, Frontview

Hofmann Engineering staff and management alike pursue a single goal - a total focus on quality in every aspect of manufacture, customer service and on time delivery. We believe "benchmarking", a process by which we compare ourselves to the leaders in specific disciplines, is the path to continuous improvement. Our individual skills and experience are what underlies our reputation as a totally self-contained engineering company with all resources "under one roof".

Our management is structured to deliver results and attain the highest quality through a "hands on" approach to every project. Problems are treated as challenges, while innovation provides solutions for our clients. This includes our policy of exposing our employees to the latest overseas technology and systems by means of seminars and other industry development programs. We recognise that staff training and personal development are vital in helping us to preserve and strengthen our position as one of the leaders in our industry.

Innovation and technological change is the essence of survival. We consider that developing and refining of new processes and methodologies is an integral part of our overall business. We have a dedicated R & D team, with each project being treated as an opportunity to enhance our knowledge. The future needs of our customers are as important to us as their everyday requirements, so we constantly evolve and improve our technology to refine our products and our service.