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Gearing > Self Aligning Gearbox

Self-Aligning Drives

Automatically maintains 100% gear contact regardless of movement in foundation and / or driven components under all operating conditions. No shimming required on installation.

Case Hardened ground Gearing

Material: 17CrNiMo6
Hardness: 58 - 62 HRC
Quality: ≤ DIN5 (≥ AGMA12)

Forged Fabricated Girth Gear without T-Section Gusset

Using forged steel rims eliminates cracking problems associated with castings. Forged rim is connected to the web by a full penetration submerged arc weld to ensure it is free of fatigue crack initiation sites.

Material: HofAlloy ≥300 HB
Quality: ≤ DIN7 ( ≥ AGMA10)
Face Width: 10 mm less than pinion.

SATP - Self Aligning Twin Pinion Drive

Four standard sizes Mn 18, Mn 22, Mn 25.4 and Mn 30 that cover the complete range to 10,000 kW per gearbox. The number of teeth of the output pinions is 31. Based on the gearbox size the Service factors are from 2.0 to 2.4.

A single motor runs two self aligning, torque splitting pinions directly meshed with the forged fabricated girth gear.

Oil re-/circulating system for gearbox and girth gear. Reduced foundation, installation and running costs. SATP Unit Size Selection can easily be done as shown in the brochure's diagram (required service factors are included).


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