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Workshop Capacities

Crown Gear Couplings 2,000mm dia x 1,000mm face width  
Double helical gears 14,000mm dia x 2,500mm face width  
Maag CNC 3 off SH 500 with internal hard cutting 5,000mm dia x 900mm face
Climate controlled environment Accuracy to DIN 2 (AGMA 15)  
Hofler CNC Form grinder (internal & external) Four units to 2,400mm diam x 1,500mm face width  
Climate controlled environment Klingelnberg PSFU
3D Co-ordinate measuring machine with gear lead involute and pitch software
3 units Portable CMM with Gear Inspection
2,500mm dia x 1,000mm face width
15,000mm dia x 1,000mm face width
Climate controlled environment Hexagon-Leitz Co-Ordinate Measuring Machine; MPEP (ISO 10360-2): 2.0µm
Envelope dimensions; 3,000mm x 1,500mm x 1,000mm plus 16T rotary table
DESIGN & ENGINEERING SERVICES CAD, CAM & FEA applications; SolidWorks & KISSsoft Gear Design  
HEAT TREATMENT Full metallurgical laboratory for Failure Analysis  
Atmosphere contraolled:
Total of 14 furnances covering all aspects of modern heat treatment
Gas carburising:
- Pit furnaces and fluidised bed
1,900mm dia x 5,000mm long
  Induction hardening:
- Tooth by tooth induction hardening machine.
5 off machines
  - Gears, pinions, track pads Full contour profile up to 15,000mm dia
  Quench and tempering:
- Oil tank 30,000L

- Water/polymer quench

1,900mm x 5,000mm long
- Carbo nitriding

- Nitro carburising

Furnace 900mm dia x 1,800mm
Furnace 900mm dia x 1,800mm
  Tool Steels:
- Fluidised bed 1200°C

Furnace 900mm dia x 1,800mm
  Stress relieving - Gas Furnace 15,000mm x 15,000mm wide
  Stress relieving - Electric Furnace 12,000mm dia x 2,000mm
  Shot peening  
  Sand blasting  
FABRICATION / WELDING Fabricated gears, transmission boxes and mining equipment
Plate Rolls
200 tonnes

6,000T, 3,650mm width x 220mm thick
4,000T, 3,200mm width x 150mm thick
QUALITY ASSURANCE Certified to ISO9001:2008 and AS9100 revC (Aerospace / Defence) by Lloyds  
LIFTING and HANDLING 26 Overhead Gantry Cranes to 200 tonnes
2 Yard Cranes & Straddle Carrier
5 Forklifts
FACTORY SPACE Over 60,000m2 (approx. 15 acres) under-roof across four facilities  

The above capacities are indicative only, please contact us with your specific requirements.
Information supplied is subject to change without notice.

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