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Metallurgical Service > Heat Treatment

Heat treatment and correct material selection play vital roles in the successful production and service life of any mechanical component. Hofmann Engineering are leaders in both and, backed by ISO9001 Quality Assurance, we have the capacity to meet or exceed all relevant international standards.

We are committed to provide industry with the latest technology in specialised heat treatment facilities which include micro processor control systems. These resources are the key to consistent quality and high performance.


Computer program controlled gas carburising is offered in sealed quench, fluid bed and large pit type furnaces. All carburising and nitro-carburising charges are accompanied by test pieces of identical material. These are analysed for carbon and hardness profiles and microstructure before being archived to provide reference for the service life of the component.


Hofmann Engineering are leaders in the use of fluid bed furnaces. Accurate case depth is assured through the micro control of both temperature and gas flow parameters

Our computerised metering of gas combinations guarantees duplex, or "white layer", formations to the required specifications.


Hofmann Engineering operates a large number of furnaces to provide optimum flexibility and efficiency for quench and temper work.

Our quench and temper facilities can be utilised when there is minimal machining allowance and where strict requirements for both surface carbon and intergranular oxidation control exist.

We utilise a full range of quenchants including oil, water, air blast and synthetic polymers. Temperatures of all quenchants are strictly monitored and controlled. Facilities for marquenching and austempering are also available.


We have more than 20 years experience in surface hardening and provide procedures which are "tailor made" to individual job specifications. Daily involvement in tooth-by-tooth gear hardening ensures that Hofmann Engineering is amongst world leaders in this field.

Continued investment in the latest technology provides us with "state of the art" resources in all aspects of Profile Induction Hardening.


Hofmann Engineering operates a comprehensively equipped in-house testing laboratory to supply accurate certified results for all our heat treatment processes. In addition, our laboratory provides ongoing analysis and suports all facets of our heat treatment to ensure qualtiy and compliance to specifications.


Hofmann Engineering also offers a comprehensive metallurgical failure analysis service as part of its heat treatment facilities. Hofmann's knowledge and experience in this area places us in the ideal situation to engineer out any "weak links" that currently exist and to ensure both the highest performance and the maximum longevity of our replacement component is achieved.


Out facilities include both manual and automatic cycle machines with surface treatment capacity for cleaning or enhancement of mechanical strength.

We shot peen to introduce compressive stress, controlled by Almen Deflection strip to extend the surface life your components.

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