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A simple and inexpensive solution to convert the Hofmann Portable Line Boring Machine into a horizontal or welding positioner. Suited to welding or machining operations such as pivot eyes, linkages, hydraulic cylinders, pump housing, 'O' ring and circlip grooves and many more.

A practical and thoroughly engineered solution, the Hofmann Machining Centre is suitable for any mechanical engineering environment, yet still provides flexibility and portability for on-site machining operations.

  • Table area 1500mm x 1200mm
  • Maximum between boring bar bearing supports using single table 1150mm
  • Modular construction of table suitable to extend by bolting extra tables to the side and rear
  • Maximum height table to boring bar centre 1100mm
  • T-slots for clamping (22W x 45W x 35H) every 300mm square pattern
  • Suitable for line boring 1000mm dia.
  • Suitable for facing to 600mm dia.
  • Suitable for machining recesses, 'O' ring grooves, circlip grooves and internal screw cutting (extra attachments)
  • Suitable for bore reclaiming work by welding up to 1000mm dia.

Setting up procedure

  • Adjust movable support column and self-aligning bearing boring bar suppor brackets roughly to suit the job
  • Set job by eye in line with boring centre line
  • Slip boring bar through self-aligning bearings
  • Line up boring bar to suit job. Turn boring bar by hand using fine adjustment to shift self-aligning bearings
  • Slip machine mounting bracket over boring bar and clamp
  • Slip boring head over boring bar and clamp on spherical seat
  • Set tool and machine
  • Setting for welding inside diameter is similar

It is as simple as shown. No other horizontal borer does it faster and easier.

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