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Portable Machine Tools > Micro Bore Tool Holder

  • Complements the Hofmann Portable Line Boring Machine.
  • Precision boring made easy.

  • Standard tool holders -
    Small form 180mm dia. to 260mm dia.
    Large form 250mm dia. to 350mm dia.
  • Up to 1000mm dia. can be supplied.
  • Standard Triangular interchangeable inserts
    Steel Tip No. TCMT 16 T3 04-UF Grade P25 (425)
    Cast Iron Tip No. TCMT 16 T3 UF Grade K (415)


  • Micrometer adjustment 0.6mm radius. Total range of adjustment of 12mm radius.
  • For precision boring we recommend this accurate adjustment facility for the finish cutting.
  • Holders are made of Aluminium and can be clamped anywhere on Boring Bar.
  • Carbide inserts are rotated and interchanged. No sharpening required.
  • A micrometer dial proviedes positive adjustments of 0.01mm increments.

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