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Multisystem welder PS3000 capable of MIG/MANUAL ARC-AIR GOUGING.

Electronic controls.

Remote control infinitely variable up to 32 volts and 300 amps with analogue indication.

Standard equipment can weld bores from 25mm dia. to around 1000mm dia. (larger diameters with optional extras).

Welding up to 2.6m away from the machine (up to 6m with optional extras)

Welding using either solid wire with gas or with the special Hofmann LB195 flux cored wire, which is generally the most suitable choice if the operation is in windy conditions and also for small diameters.

Automated volt/Amp control using synergic settings.

Equipment is suitable to welt in any position.

Change over time from boring to a welding operation takes only minutes.

One operator carries out boring and welding.

Concentric welding makes boring faster.

Pad welding a bore 100mm dia. x 100mm long will take 25 minutes.

Suitable for production with the aid of an all angle stand.

Retrofitting on earlier Hofmann Line Boring Machines is possible.

A perfect weld - easy, fast - no expert required.

Remote Control

  • Off/On
  • Forward/reverse
  • Infinitely variable speed control
  • Surface speed indication for welding
  • Calculates diameter to surface speed

Remote Control - Welding

  • Analog meter for amps and volts
  • Infinitely variable control of amps and volts
  • Off/on
  • Wire feed control

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