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Portable Machine Tools > Portable Line Boring Machine MKII

The Hofmann Portable Line Boring Machine with its optional extras represents an all round service tool for on-site or in-shop precision machining and inside diameter welding. This new concept will perform in situ: boring, taper boring, facing, taper facing, drilling and welding without the necessity of having extensive and costly down time and dismantling of equipment which is to be repaired. Mounting the machine to the job instead of the conventional approach of mounting the job to the machine makes the Portable Line Boring Machine simple, solid, fast, accurate and inexpensive.

Boring bars of up to 6000mm in length feed through the centre of the hollow spindle machine. The machine can be lifted by one operator and mounted in any suitable position on the boring bar, either between the bores which require machining or on either side of them. The design which is basaed on simplicity, is easily understood and operator training normally takes only a few hours.

Drilling into the work piece with a drill bit mounted at the end of the boring bar allows bores from a blank up to larger than 1000mm in diameter to be bored and faced (utilising optional extras).

Sound and efficient hydraulics allow heavy machining cuts to be taken. Spindle speed is infinitely variable from 0-24- RPM. The feed is adjustable for either automatic or manual operation in both directions. All critical parts are of hardened steel. A safety clutch has been provided to safeguard against feed override during boring and welding operations.

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