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Hofmann Engineering Pty. Ltd.

Since 1969 Hofmann Engineering has provided specialist engineering services to Australia's industry leaders. Quality Assurance accreditation by Lloyds (LRQA) complements our total quality culture. Our commitment to continuous quality improvement touches every aspect of our products, services and customer support.

Hofmann Melbourne

Hofmann Engineering

On the 21st of August 2009, Hofmann Engineering Pty. Ltd. bought Metaltec. The Metaltec company and logo is now a property and registered trademark of Hofmann Engineering Pty Ltd. Metaltec now acts as a branch office of Hofmann Engineering in Victoria.

Metaltec Precision Engineering is an Australian based, internationally competitive provider of innovative, quality engineered solutions.Based in Cheltenham, Victoria, Metaltec combines the comprehensive resources and capabilities of T.E.D. Engineering Australia Pty Ltd (est 1951) and MTN Tooling Pty Ltd (est 1985). Our 13,000 sqm facility incorporates the latest state-of-the-art equipment and technology, ensuring uncompromising commitment to quality and compliance to exacting engineering standards.

Hofmann Engineering

Hofmann Bendigo

Hofmann Engineering

In 2010 Hofmann Engineering acquired the 5 hectares of land, and workshops as delineated above from Thales Australia Pty Ltd.

This was formerly known as ADI Heavy and Precision Engineering Facility, Bendigo, Australia. The Australian Government built the facility in the early 1940�s to manufacture heavy precision equipment for the Defence Department. In later years it also produced key equipment for infrastructure projects and provided technology development for Industry. The facility encompasses 20,000 m2 of factory space with crane lift capacities up to 100t with 17.25m under the crane hook.

From these sound engineering roots Hofmann Bendigo has been formed. A key focus of the facility will be manufacture of heavy fabricated product that requires heat treatment and subsequent precision machining and assembly. Manufacture of large mill shells and heads will be a key focus. This complements the supply of other drive components, like girth gears, gearboxes, inching drives etc manufactured at Hofmann Engineering in Perth.

Hofmann Engineering

Hofmann Canada Investments Ltd.

Hofmann Engineering
Hofmann Engineering

Hofmann Canada Investments Ltd. still retains the land and building at 330 Pinebush Road Cambridge formally the premises of Hofmann Engineering North America Ltd.

This property is now leased to SKF and Hofmann Canada Investments Ltd. maintains their relationship with SKF for special projects.

Hofmann Sudamérica Ltd

Hofmann Engineering

In March 2016 Hofmann Engineering Sudamerica (HESA) commenced operation of its new Workshop, Service Centre and Offices in Antofagasta/Chile. The new facilities are established by the Hofmann Engineering Group on some 20,000 m2 in the area of in Antofagasta/Chile. The new facility is designed to rebuild and service all Hofmann products and components for the key equipment of our customer’s. The operation offers general machining, gearbox rebuild & service facilities, parts storage, sales and onsite services.

Since the 1990s Hofmann Engineering has been supplying parts and services in Chile to the back then just starting project Minera Escondida of BHP Billiton. In the following years Hofmann’s increased its presence in the region and developed business relationships with many other customers in Chile, Argentina, Colombia, Peru, Mexico and Brazil. Today Hofmann Engineering is an established player who provides machining, maintenance and repair services for a large range of products, with a recognized expertise and with proven results in the market of South America.

The new Workshop & Service Centre is designed to further reinforce Hofmann’s footprint in the region and to cope with the growing demand from our customers in terms of components improvement, manufacturing and service support as the technically and commercially attractive alternative to the OEMs.

Hofmann Engineering Sudamerica today consists of a team of 12 local professionals who provide our company with the required skills to keep growing Hofmann Engineering’s reputation for high quality, precision and improvement engineering proudly into the future.

Hofmann Engineering

Hofmann India

Hofmann Engineering

Sales and engineering sourcing office with detailed metallurgical and inspection capability.

Hofmann Newcastle

Hofmann Engineering

In 2015 Hofmann Engineering acquired the gear manufacturing facility of Falk®¹ Australia on Broadmeadow Road in Newcastle, NSW. The 5000 square meter facility is one of the largest capacity heavy engineering facilities on the East coast for components up to 14m.

Hofmann Engineering has purchased the real estate and all major plant and equipment of the above mentioned former Falk® Australia manufacturing facility in Newcastle where we are now offering the repair, refurbishment and improvement of full range of Falk® products including Falk® Mill Gearing products as part of our offering of High Performance product improved replacement parts. In April 2015 Falk® exited the large Mill gearing market at the Newcastle facility so please contact Hofmann for any repair, refurbishment or improvement of your Falk® gearing requirements

This facility was formerly known as Goninan's Heavy Engineering Facility, Newcastle.

The Hofmann Newcastle plant houses world class machines to manufacturing gearing and components of the highest quality.

A key focus of the facility is the production of mining equipment replacement parts with an emphasis on large gear manufacture. This complemented with gearbox assembly, rebuild and testing gives Hofmann Newcastle a broad range of production abilities.

It is from these sound engineering roots that Hofmann Newcastle has been formed to further service our valued customers with increased manufacturing capability.


Hofmann Engineering